It’s a story about rackets and shuttles. But that’s not all. It’s also about genuine friendships and powerful shared emotions. It’s a story about pushing the envelope, and each player going head to head with their opponents, and themselves. A story about the day-in and day-out, where the players are not stuperstars in shiny pictures but real people named  Hongyan, Elodie, Mads, Laurane or Thomas. A true story that we can all identify with, that looks like real life and like you. A story that we now invite you to write with us…

Stories #truebadminton

From her early days in China to her arrival Denmark and success on the French badminton team, learn more about Hongyan Pi's extraordinary career. This True Badminton ambassador has broken down barriers and overcome disappointments to live her passion and reach the summits of her sport.

Stories #truebadminton


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From her early days in China to her arrival Denmark and success on the...

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Meet Élodie, Laurane and Thomas from the Union Saint Bruno in Bordeaux....

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Join us in Copenhagen, Denmark, where our True Badminton ambassador invites...

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"I wanted to change footwear and I chose Babolat Shadow Tour. I really like the support and stability, and the explosive strength isn't bad, they're really good trainers."

Thibaut Innocent

amateur player for Club d'Oullins (Rhône, France)

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"The X-feel Power is quite stiff so I can feel the impact of the shuttlecock and it's not too heavy so it handles well and I have good control over the shuttlecock."

Lucas Claerbout

French men's singles defending champion

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Babolat X-feel-blast Mads Conrad Petersen

"I play with the X-feel Blast. Perfect racket for me : it's heavy but not too heavy, it's stiff but still flexible enough so I can control all my shots and it gives me a lot of power. So for me - the perfect racket."

Mads Conrad Petersen

No.16 men's doubles world ranking

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"I use the Shadow Tour shoes which I find really really comfortable. It means that I can move around the court really fast. They also provide good support as well so I feel like I'm never going to roll my ankle."

Chloe Birch

No.1 English women's singles and women's doubles, 36th women's doubles world ranking

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Babolat X-feel-blast

"I play on the French badminton team and I chose Babolat X-feel Blast Metric Flex because it's a racket that gives me a lot of power and control with excellent response for midcourt and speed."

Ronan Labar

No.1 French mixed doubles, 41st mixed doubles world ranking

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